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    Finding the best destination for a small meeting in the USA

    The Challenge A meeting planner for a multinational personal care corporation faced the challenge of selecting the most suitable city for her team's meeting, considering the diverse origins of the 11 attendees from 7 locations across 4 coun...

    executives showing cost savings
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    How a law firm saved over $100,000 in costs

    TROOP helped one of the world's largest law firms identify substantial savings in CO2, cost, and travel time by suggesting an alternative de...
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    Helping a global tobacco company identify the optimal destination

    TROOP helped a global tobacco and vaping company identify the destination with the lowest transportation costs for their global conference o...
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    How a Fortune 500 saved over 250 tonnes of CO2

    TROOP helped a Fortune 500 company to identify massive savings in cost, travel time, and CO2 emissions by splitting a single location meetin...
    internal meeting space
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    Increasing usage of internal meeting spaces

    Internal meeting spaces TROOP connected 2,000 internal meeting rooms into its meetings management technology to drive more meetings into exi...
    Modelez international
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    TROOP helps Mondelez to increase productivity

    Increasing productivity TROOP helped Mondelez to reformulate a heavily outsourced meetings management program. Our technology empowers Monde...
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    Back to travel – Planning meetings during the Omicron surge

    What was the challenge being addressed? Meeting planners had no visibility over who could travel where without spending an enormous amount o...