Weeks of Meeting Research and Analysis in Minutes with TROOP

Weeks of Meeting Research and Analysis in Minutes with TROOP

A Data-Backed Solution for Global In-Person Meetings

Planning a global conference for a large, multinational team presents a complex challenge – navigating costs, logistics, and the environmental impact. For a leading consumer goods company, finding the right destination was a challenge, until they partnered with TROOP. 

Discover how they slashed transportation costs and carbon emissions, all while saving significant time using TROOP's cutting-edge platform.

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The Challenge

The company needed to plan their annual conference for 180 employees from 19 locations worldwide. The primary hurdle was identifying the destination with the lowest overall transportation costs while considering factors like travel times, employee well-being, and environmental impact. 

Initially, the company considered hosting the meeting in Barcelona, a central and popular location. However, instead of making assumptions, they decided to leverage TROOP to see if there was a more optimal destination.

The TROOP Solution

The Global Travel Manager utilized TROOP ONE to input attendee origins and key criteria, allowing the travel engine to provide data-driven recommendations of alternative destinations. TROOP's platform delivered valuable insights on locations based on travel time, number of layovers, estimated costs of flights and accommodations, emissions, and other critical factors.

The analysis revealed Athens as a more economical and environmentally-sustainable alternative, aligning with the company's cost-saving and sustainability goals.

The Results

By switching the conference location to Athens, the company achieved:

  • Cost Savings: $127,409 total savings, including $46,696 in flight costs
  • Environmental Impact: Reduced 3.2 tonnes of CO₂ emissions
  • Time Savings: Weeks of research time saved by leveraging TROOP's solution


TROOP's innovative platform provides comprehensive analysis on potential meeting locations within minutes personalized to your unique team’s needs, empowering meeting planners to make informed decisions that save time, money, and reduce their carbon footprint. 

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