TROOP helps Mondelez to increase productivity

TROOP helps Mondelez to increase productivity

Increasing productivity

TROOP helped Mondelez to reformulate a heavily outsourced meetings management program. Our technology empowers Mondelez employees to plan and source their own meeting locations quickly and effectively, saving cost, time and increasing sustainability.

What was the challenge being addressed?

Mondelez is present in 126 countries with more than 80,000 employees and organizes thousands of small and large meetings and events. The project started in 2019, with the focus to empower anyone within the company to plan meetings in a quick and easy way and to make informed decisions based on data instead of opinions.

Previously meeting planners needed to reach out to different channels to obtain data to inform decisions which was a manual, time-consuming, inefficient and inaccurate process.

How was the innovation applied?

We started with a small user group covering different business units including executive assistants, procurement managers, sustainability managers and internal meeting planners. The goal of the first testing phase was to deeply understand all user requirements which then influenced the development agenda of the technology.

The impact of Covid19 expanded the innovation phase in order to capture and develop all new requirements for meeting management in a world with Covid19.

What were the results?


  • Strategic positioning: The team uplifted the strategic position of the meetings management program by providing a single-source of truth which helped the company to increase productivity and reduce cost.
  • Productivity gains: The technology managed to reduce the research time needed for any meeting from weeks to just a few minutes
  • Cost savings: Pre-Covid use cases have shown that planners are changing decisions based on the data provided which led to cost reductions while increasing experiences.
  • Prepared for the future: Users are empowered to organize meetings in a world with Covid19 via a self-serving technology helping to understand where and how people can meet.


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