Personalized Meeting Planning Solutions

Personalized Meeting Planning Solutions

A Custom Data-Driven Approach to Streamline Global Meeting Planning

When a multinational personal care company needed to bring together a team from around the world, the task seemed daunting. Traditionally, it’s a manual and time-consuming process to find the right meeting location. TROOP transformed their planning process and made their meeting a success.

The Challenge

The meeting planner for the company was responsible for identifying the most suitable city for her team's meeting with 11 attendees traveling from 7 cities across 4 countries.

The TROOP Solution

To tackle this challenge, she turned to TROOP, a comprehensive meeting planning and group travel solution. Her goal was to compare three cities within the USA where the company had offices, focusing on travel costs and ease of travel for attendees.

The Results

Using TROOP ONE, the meeting planner accessed critical data on travel costs, travel duration, and the number of stops required for each potential city. 

TROOP's analysis revealed that while Chicago was the most expensive option, it was also the most convenient. Chicago offered more direct flights and less travel time, ensuring smoother and straightforward travel arrangements for team members.

After weighing both the financial and convenience factors, the meeting planner justified her decision to choose Chicago as the host city. This selection ensured that attendees could benefit from easier and more convenient travel arrangements, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and success of the meeting.

For more information on how TROOP can transform your in-person meetings and group travel logistics, let's meet! 

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