Revolutionizing Meeting Planning with TROOP

Revolutionizing Meeting Planning with TROOP

Fortune 500 Company Saves 71% in Travel Time with New Approach

Imagine the potential savings in cost, time, and environmental impact if you could reimagine the way in-person meetings are organized. When a Fortune 500 company needed to bring together over 200 attendees from around the world, they found a new approach to meeting planning with TROOP. 

Savings Revolutionizing Meeting Planning with TROOP

The Challenge

As a new year approached, it was time to plan the company’s next global procurement meeting. Traditionally they held this meeting at their headquarters in Seattle. Like many companies, they assumed their office was the best destination for the meeting due to available meeting space, not taking into account where the team is traveling from. The Travel Manager noticed that hosting a single-location meeting in Seattle resulted in extensive travel for many participants, leading to inflated costs, wasted time, and considerable CO₂ emissions. Seeking a more efficient and environmentally-friendly option, the company turned to TROOP.

The TROOP Solution

Using TROOP ONE, they were able to research new location options – and compare them against their traditional Seattle plan – to make a more informed decision.

They analyzed two main options: one meeting in Seattle or dividing it into multiple regional meetings. After their analysis, they determined that the best plan was to do four regional meetings in Seattle, Bogota, Madrid, and Bali. This approach allowed attendees to meet regionally and connect virtually, drastically cutting down on travel requirements.

The Results

The results of the regional meeting strategy were astounding:

  • Cost Savings: 77% reduction in flights and accommodation costs, saving $244,000
  • Environmental Impact: 78% reduction in carbon emissions, cutting over 250 tonnes of CO₂
  • Time Savings: 71% reduction in travel time


This case illustrates the transformative power of data-driven decision-making in organizing meetings. By rethinking traditional approaches and leveraging TROOP's unique platform, the company achieved significant cost savings, reduced environmental impact, and improved efficiency.

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