Simplifying the Search for the Perfect Meeting Destination

Simplifying the Search for the Perfect Meeting Destination

How One Business Saved Over $100,000 in Travel Costs 

Imagine transforming a costly and complex global meeting into a seamless, eco-friendly success, a challenge many modern businesses face. When one of the world's largest law firms faced the challenge of planning their 2023 EMEA Leadership Meeting for nearly 500 employees from over 30 locations, they turned to TROOP. The result? A remarkable reduction in CO₂ emissions, travel costs, and travel time spent—proving that smarter meeting planning is not just a possibility, but a reality.

Savings Simplifying the Search for the Perfect Meeting Destination

The Challenge

This law firm initially considered Vienna for their meeting, drawn by its accessibility and central location. However, aware of the potential hidden costs, they decided to leverage TROOP to challenge their theory and compare alternative options. The goal was clear – find a location that would minimize expenses, travel time, and carbon footprint.

The TROOP Solution

Using TROOP ONE, the Travel Manager took the employee origins and analyzed all potential options, factoring in data points including travel time, number of layovers, country safety, emissions, estimated costs, and other key factors. 

The analysis revealed that Frankfurt, Germany, would be a far more cost-effective and environmentally friendly destination than Vienna. This data-driven decision was made in minutes, highlighting the efficiency and precision of TROOP’s platform.

The Results

The switch to Frankfurt brought about significant benefits for this company:

  • Cost Savings: 43% reduction of costs, totaling $113,000
  • Environmental Impact: 35% reduction in CO₂ emissions
  • Time Efficiency: 37% reduction in travel time


Data-driven decision-making can revolutionize meeting planning. By using TROOP, the law firm not only saved substantial amounts of money and time but also made a more sustainable choice. TROOP’s platform empowers organizations to choose the best locations for their meetings, ensuring efficiency and responsibility in every decision.

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