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    TROOP Leads the Charge in Corporate Meeting Planning With $11M Series B Funding, Led by Durable Capital Partners

    TROOP expands its innovative meeting planning ecosystem to address the challenges of today’s evolving work environment by bringing teams together cost-effectively, conveniently and sustainably for in-person collaboration. 30 March 2023, Vil...

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    The Importance of Managing Meeting Expenses
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    The Importance of Managing Meeting Expenses: A Procurement Perspective

    As businesses continue to grow and evolve in today's fast-paced world, it's crucial for companies to stay on top of their expenses. One area...
    Stop Company Travel Planning Stress in Its Tracks
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    Company Travel Planning Made Easy with TROOP

    Sustainable, Employee-Focused Company Travel Planning Projected to Boom in 2023 Travel management together with meetings and events planning...
    Top executive responsible for various regions
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    Plan Your Next In-Person Meeting in Minutes – Anywhere in the World

    From Stockholm to Singapore or Switzerland to Shanghai, business success and efficiency are built on collaboration and connection – no matte...
    Travel is Stress-Free with Meeting Planning Software
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    4 Ways Meeting Planning Software Makes International Travel and Organization Easier For Everyone

    There is no denying that international meeting planning can be a pretty stressful endeavor, and that businesses are eager to find a one-stop...