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    Maximize Your Meetings: Creating a VIP Attendee Experience with Ease

    When we asked EAs and planners what their top priorities in meeting planning were, we were a little surprised to learn that providing a great experience for attendees was number one, outranking coming in on budget and reducing travel time f...

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    Simple Meetings: Everything Planners Need to Know

    One trend that has gained significant traction in recent years is the rise of simple meetings. Contrary to the name, simple meetings can be ...
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    Budgeting 101: In-Person Meetings

    Estimating and tracking costs of in-person meetings is one of the most important aspects of the meeting planner’s job. In fact, in our recen...
    All Your Meetings In One Place
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    How TROOP Helps Executive Assistants Plan In Person Meetings

    If you search “What are the responsibilities of an executive assistant,” you’ll often find a list of duties like taking notes, managing cale...
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    Offsite Planning For EAs: How To Avoid These Common Mistakes

    Executive assistants are master meeting planners. So it makes sense that they’re frequently asked to organize offsites and other in-person m...