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    the real cost of sustainable business travel
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    Understanding the Real Cost of Sustainable Business Travel

    Sustainable business travel has gained tremendous traction in recent years. While it was once a 'nice to have' addition, it's become a cornerstone of modern enterprise and legislative compliance. With doctrines like the Paris Agreement at p...

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    The benefits of using local experts in global corporate meeting planning.

    Global corporate meetings are a vital component of modern business. They provide a platform for employees, clients, and stakeholders to conn...
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    How to reduce business travel’s environmental damage

    Reduce business travel's environmental damage The covid pandemic has taught us in recent times that growth in companies can continue without...
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    Covid restrictions at a glance

    You’ve been tasked with organizing a meeting, and you need to do it ASAP. The problem is that you have to take into account multiple aspects...
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    TROOP wins the 2022 BTN Innovate Award

    TROOP has been announced as the winner TROOP has been announced as the winner of the 2022 Business Travel Innovation Faceoff at the Business...