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    An Efficient World Meeting Planner Tool for International Corporations

    International travel is imperative in business. It allows companies to enhance their global footprint, secure deals, build meaningful professional relationships, and equip employees with the necessary soft skills and communication strategie...

    Travel • Troop News

    3 Reasons Meetings Costs are Slipping through the Cracks of Procurement

    Procurement leaders are well-versed at cutting every possible cent from a managed travel program, particularly during periods where cost sav...
    Travel management software from Troop
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    Improve Productivity with the Best Travel Management Software Solutions in 2023

    While the world is enamoured with advances in AI - including ChatGPT, which pens powerful prose and viral photo-editing applications that tu...
    Company travel planning software from Troop
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    3 Reasons Company Travel Planning Software is Cost-Effective

    Business travel remains vital for many companies across the globe despite the rapid changes in the corporate landscape. While remote working...
    Travel • Troop News

    Small Meetings, Big Expense: Why Procurement Needs a New Approach

    If 2021 and 2022 were the years for reopening and returning to “normal” for corporate travel and meetings, then 2023 is the year of cost-cut...