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    Top executive responsible for various regions
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    Plan Your Next In-Person Meeting in Minutes – Anywhere in the World

    From Stockholm to Singapore or Switzerland to Shanghai, business success and efficiency are built on collaboration and connection – no matter where you are in the world. At some point or another, all global enterprises will need to arrange ...

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    Travel is Stress-Free with Meeting Planning Software
    Travel • Troop News

    4 Ways Meeting Planning Software Makes International Travel and Organization Easier For Everyone

    There is no denying that international meeting planning can be a pretty stressful endeavor, and that businesses are eager to find a one-stop...
    The real cost of sustainable business travel
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    Understanding the Real Cost of Sustainable Business Travel

    Sustainable business travel has gained tremendous traction in recent years. While it was once a 'nice to have' addition, it's become a corne...
    5 tips for corporate travel planner
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    5 Tips to Become a Successful Corporate Travel Planner

    Corporate travel planning is no small undertaking, especially in today's precarious economic and socio-political climate. Businesses are bal...
    International Meeting Planning needs
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    Software to meet your International Meeting Planning needs

    Software to meet your international meeting planning needs How do you maintain company culture with a distributed workforce? How do you inst...