An Efficient World Meeting Planner Tool for International Corporations

International travel is imperative in business. It allows companies to enhance their global footprint, secure deals, build meaningful professional relationships, and equip employees with the necessary soft skills and communication strategies to thrive in the business world. Efficient and effective world meeting planner tools are essential for corporations embarking on international travel. 

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While remote or hybrid working models have become popular in recent years, nothing compares to in-person meetings. Although the pandemic has changed the way we conduct business, corporate travel is paramount if companies are to build and sustain business relationships. In fact, research from Forbes highlights that more and more companies see greater value in business travel in the post-pandemic landscape, realizing what they had missed out on when traveling was prohibited. The Global Travel Association bolsters this theory, noting that business travel is set to return to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2023.” This is great news for corporate travel planners. However, they’re also set to contend with stumbling blocks when it comes to finding the best flight prices, choosing the best destinations and routes, and ensuring that corporations meet sustainability goals. 

With so many factors to consider, many travel planners are leaning on technology to cover all their bases. 

Challenges Regarding International Travel Planning

Despite the need for in-person meetings, travel planners face many obstacles when planning international meetings and all the necessary accommodations. With labor shortages and rising fuel costs, travel has reached staggering financial heights. Despite travel planner confidence in the ways that business travel will ramp up, these challenges make traditional travel planning tricky. Many companies rely on new technologies to streamline planning processes and access accurate data. 

World meeting planner software takes the hassle out of international corporate travel by giving travel planners data-backed insights into all trip components. Traditional, manual travel planning and travel research have many hindrances for businesses, including:

  • Wasting vast amounts of time on tedious desktop research and comparing different locations and flights. 
  • Lacking clear, comparative data tools that consider all available options. 
  • Unable to suggest viable destinations previously not considered.  
  • Difficult to compare sustainability initiatives, flight duration, travel time, and cost savings and find a location that ticks all the boxes. 
  • Can result in compromising company policies. 
  • Potential for spending too much money and going over budget. 
  • Complicated decision-making processes that waste resources and time. 
  • Uninspired or generic locations that might not be suited to all travelers and safety or accessibility needs.

World meeting planner software streamlines travel planning processes, meaning companies make more innovative, cost-effective travel decisions in less time. 

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Explore the World of Efficient International Travel 

TROOP’s world meeting planner software is a one-stop solution for travel planning. Using science-driven data, TROOP finds the best travel routes and destinations for companies, allowing businesses to make cost-effective, sustainable travel decisions. To date, we have saved the following for our clients:

- Travel time saved: 891,625 hours (659 hours on average per meeting)

- Money saved:124 million USD ($91,799 on average per meeting)

- CO² emissions reduced: 91,987 tonnes (68 tonnes on average per meeting)

Our technology is constantly evolving to meet industry changes and corporate demands. We’re working closely with various collaborators to offer our clients even more when it comes to corporate travel. With TROOP, you’ll soon be able to plan every element of your trip, from finding the most cost-effective and sustainable meeting locations right through to booking flights and accommodation.  

If you want to learn more about our innovative world travel planner, book a free demo and see how TROOP could enhance travel processes and save your company vast amounts of money and time. Travel planning doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor when you have the right technology and data on your side.


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