Increasing usage of internal meeting spaces

Increasing usage of internal meeting spaces

Internal meeting spaces

TROOP connected 2,000 internal meeting rooms into its meetings management technology to drive more meetings into existing real estate instead of having to procure spaces externally.

What was the challenge being addressed

Covid19 has accelerated some important trends around the way we work, travel and meet. According to Gartner, 82% of companies plan to allow employees to continue to work remotely. 

This has a direct impact on how to look at in-person meetings. According to Skift, a new type of corporate travel is emerging focusing on bringing a distributed workforce together on a regular cadence. 

This requires more budget for internal meetings. As a general rule, a fully remote company has a 3x higher travel budget than a similar company operating on an office infrastructure. 

Some of the additional budget is coming from savings from real estate. As more employees are working from home, less office space is required. This over-supply of space is forcing companies to look for repurposing solutions such as transforming offices into meeting spaces.

How was the innovation applied?

This Fortune 500 customer has realized that the increased demand of small unmanaged meetings together with the increased availability of internal meeting rooms provide a huge challenge to the company. 

Together we investigated how current real estate is managed internally and we developed a flow on how to integrate that additional data feed into the TROOP technology. 

Integration of internal meeting rooms into TROOP's Meetings Management Technology

What were the results?

More than 2,000 internal meeting spaces distributed all over the world were integrated into TROOP’s technology via an API connection to make them available during the meeting planning process. 

Today, users are able to take existing internal meeting space availability into account when planning in-person meetings at office locations.

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