How a Fortune 500 saved over 250 tonnes of CO2

How a Fortune 500 saved over 250 tonnes of CO2

TROOP helped a Fortune 500 company to identify massive savings in cost, travel time, and CO2 emissions by splitting a single location meeting into four regional meetings.

At a glance, they saved:

Challenge Challenge

A Fortune 500 company asked us to analyze its upcoming yearly global procurement meeting with 207 attendees worldwide.

In the past, this meeting has always been held at the company's main headquarters in Seattle. However, this usually resulted in high costs, time lost to travel, and a big carbon footprint.


This time, the company wanted to be more environmentally responsible, so they asked TROOP to help them. They wanted to understand how cost, travel time, and CO2 emissions would vary if people met in regional clusters instead. They would then join virtually with other cluster meetings rather than traveling to one location.



The results were mind-blowing. The cluster meeting approach achieved a 77% reduction in costs, a 78% reduction in carbon emissions, and a 71% reduction in travel time compared to bringing everyone together to one location.

This is an excellent example of how thinking about meetings differently while using data to inform decisions can transform the costs related to dollars, time spent traveling, and sustainability. TROOP’s meeting planning software is the only meeting planning platform on the market that makes organizing in-person meetings easy for anyone, mitigating risks, saving costs, and reducing carbon footprint.


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