Improve Productivity with the Best Travel Management Software Solutions in 2023

While the world is enamoured with advances in AI - including ChatGPT, which pens powerful prose and viral photo-editing applications that turn conventional photographs into dazzling avatars - many big corporations are utilising technological advances in the realm of travel management. Travel management software enables organisations to "streamline the process of arranging travel and managing all travel-related expenses while complying with corporate travel policies" and sustainability goals. Travel managers can quickly and effectively find the most realistic meeting locations for all constituents, book and manage trips, and track schedules accordingly. In no time, plans are given the green light and reimbursements administered effectively. With automated, AI-support solutions, travel management is simpler and more effective than ever.


Travel management software solutions like TROOP use data-driven insights to make corporate travel a breeze. These results allow companies to:

  • Plan effective routes in mere moments
  • Choose cost-effective solutions that don't override the budget
  • Cut down on their carbon footprint and commit to sustainability goals
  • Adhere to organisational travel policies and cross all the t's and c's
  • Boost productivity across the organisation and enhance morale by enabling in-person meetups

Unlike manual travel management - which utilises large amounts of energy and time - travel management software solutions optimise the travel planning landscape by finding accurate routes, destinations, and meeting options.


Four Software Solutions Corporate Travel Managers Need

These four tools offer travel managers streamlined and effective ways to manage all travel processes and tasks.

1. A comprehensive calendar application

An efficient, easy-to-use calendar application is one of the best tools a travel manager can invest in. In any given situation, travel managers are likely juggling several events at a time. Having a clear view of personal calendars and that of the organisation at large can allow travel managers to meet deadlines, stay on top of meetings and events, and align and sync all schedules. Moreover, by setting up alerts ahead of time, travel managers can remind themselves to check the latest flight and accommodation specials or book venues in advance. Travel managers should always choose a calendar solution that enables them to add other time zones and sync with constituents in other geographical locations.

2. An all-in-one travel management software solution like TROOP

Perhaps the most essential element of corporate travel planning is an all-one-one travel management platform. This is a one-stop shop for all corporate travel needs. TROOP scours the Internet, finding the most viable travel solutions for companies regarding budget, travel time, distance, location, sustainability, and team schedules. From finding the most viable location for a diverse cohort of employees to ensuring your company is adhering to travel policies and international regulations, a travel management platform like TROOP takes the hassle out of corporate travel planning and saves organisations a great deal of money and time.

3. A streamlined financing solution

Another essential component of effective travel management is clear-cut financial management and organisation. Whether you're organising a micro-level local event or a large-scale multi-national conference, keeping a firm eye on finances and avoiding overspending is imperative. Travel managers should always have an effective invoicing tool at their disposal, allowing them to track spending, streamline reimbursement processes, and maintain optimum financial control.

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