Back to travel – Planning meetings during the Omicron surge

Back to travel – Planning meetings during the Omicron surge

What was the challenge being addressed?

Meeting planners had no visibility over who could travel where without spending an enormous amount of time analyzing each origin and destination being considered. The complexity was increased because this information was changing in some cases on a daily basis due to COVID restrictions. In addition, travelers had to provide specific documentation or carry out  quarantine and tests depending on the different countries’ entry and exit policies.

A tool that provided current information on COVID restrictions, without losing sight of other metrics such as costs, times, security, or carbon footprint-related data was needed.

How was the innovation applied?

TROOP has created a visual and intuitive way of checking where people could travel on a map, showing both traveling to and returning home restrictions. This enabled the meeting planner to see in seconds what destinations were open to travel for the multiple attendees of the meeting and the documentation that they had to provide, as well as the tests to be carried out and the quarantine periods (if any).

Planning meetings: What were the results?

The meeting planners saved at least 40 hours of research, secure in the knowledge that they were working on the latest information. They could also look at the details of tests, documentation, and anything required on entry to the country or return to their home and share this with the travelers

This enabled a critical meeting to be planned, approved, and take place in London during the Omicron surge with 10 people attending from 4 locations. 

TROOP's meeting planning software has reinvented how teams come together, and planning meetings is now easier. Join the movement and connect your tribe!

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