How a law firm saved over $100,000 in costs

How a law firm saved over $100,000 in costs

TROOP helped one of the world's largest law firms identify substantial savings in CO2, cost, and travel time by suggesting an alternative destination for their 2023 EMEA leadership meeting of almost 500 employees from more than 30 locations.

At a glance, they saved:

At a glance, they saved

The Challenge

The company had started to organize the 2023 EMEA Meeting and was considering bringing everyone to Vienna, as it seemed the most accessible location to travel to. However, before making a final decision and booking flights, they decided to run an analysis with TROOP.


The Results

After plotting the various origins into the map, TROOP suggested Frankfurt as an alternative destination to Vienna.

Comparing the two destinations, the law firm's Travel Manager decided to move the meeting to Frankfurt. Please take a look at the image below for more information.

The Results

This is an example of how thinking about meetings differently, whilst using data to inform decisions, can significantly reduce costs related to dollars, time spent traveling and CO2 emissions.

TROOP’s business meeting planning software provides this data in minutes on all meetings, both big and small. Our customers can always pick the best location for every meeting and never waste time, money, or unnecessary carbon.



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