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Elevate the way your company organises meetings and group travel

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meetings management + travel logistics

Streamlined Meeting Planning, Start-to-Finish

TROOP ONE is the new way to navigate the complexities of meeting planning and coordinate logistics, including finding venues, booking travel, managing attendees, and tracking expenses


Discover, research, and compare options


Access the information and inspiration you need to choose the right location, venues, and activities for your meeting.


Manage attendee logistics


The one-stop-shop for all attendee details: use TROOP ONE to invite attendees, track RSVPs, monitor schedules, and more.


Make it easy for people to travel


Keep travel logistics simple: enable self-service booking or enable direct booking to keep travel in policy and within budget.



Track expenses, manage budgets


Organize all meeting-related costs in TROOP ONE. Estimate expenses, track actuals, and , issue virtual cards.

better meeting planning benefits everyone 

A meeting planning solution that everyone will love

Lead the way to meeting planning success with TROOP ONE,
the first unified meeting planning and group travel logistics platform 

For Planners
Everything you need to orchestrate successful meetings


Planning a successful meeting requires a balance of creativity and organization. With TROOP ONE, harness both. Discover a wealth of inspiration and information for venues and agendas. Then effortlessly manage attendee details, travel logistics and expenses in one convenient, centralized location.

Wellbeing and Safety
for travel managers
A new way to meeting travel safe, in policy, and sustainable


Achieve your travel program's objectives with TROOP ONE for meetings management. Ensure the safety and well-being of travelers, maintain travel policy compliance, and provide meeting planners tools to reduce costs and carbon emissions, laying the foundation for successful, sustainable meetings.

for finance
Facilitate meetings and maintain budgets with visibility and controls


Off-sites, team meetings, and retreats are increasing at your company. So are travel expenses. With TROOP ONE, you can gather budget estimates, review meeting requests, and analyze trends for savings. With full visibility into meetings, you can champion collaboration and stay on budget. 

TROOP ONE highlights at a glance


Discover and compare meeting destinations with AI-Powered Recommendations.

  • Enter attendees' starting locations, and TROOP ONE surfaces destination options

  • Compare travel time, CO2 emissions, costs and more

  • Get real-time data for flights and hotels to build cost estimates
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TROOP ONE consolidates attendee information so you have the details you need.

  • Invite attendees directly from TROOP ONE, track RSVPs, and share other communications

  • Monitor visas, passports, arrival times, transport, and more

  • Issue virtual cards for meeting expenses

  • Enable self-service booking and capture travel itineraries.
Custom map layers

Configure map views in TROOP ONE to give meeting planners relevant safety and company data.

  • Display your company's office locations

  • Swap out standard risk maps for proprietary data sets

  • Customize maps to show sales regions, banned travel zones, recommended restaurants, or any other geographic data 

Seventy percent of meeting-related CO2 emissions come from travel to and from meetings. Make meeting travel more sustainable by making informed decisions from the start. 

  • Use TROOP's AI-Powered Search to surface locations requiring the least amount of flight time

  • Look for options to incorporate rail travel where available

  • Compare and select destinations by CO2 emissions

  • Inform meeting attendees how much CO2 they're saving by meeting in selected destinations
ORGANISER _ Dashboard

Keep meetings on budget. Build accurate cost estimates for flights and hotels. Then, track expenses for meeting-related travel, venues, activities, and even incidentals.

  • Compare destinations by cost and build budget estimates with real-time data

  • Include shoulder nights and local attendee accommodation costs for more accurate estimates

  • Issue virtual cards to attendees, and track travel expenses and invoices for accurate accounting.
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Transform meetings into memorable experiences with the help of local experts and professional meeting planners.

  • Build detailed agendas and schedules

  • Access expert help through TROOP Local network (BETA)

  • Generate RFPs and compare proposals for different destinations, providers, or activities

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Ideas and resources for better meetings

A Better Way to Cut Carbon from Corporate Meetings


Gain insights into the challenges faced by travel managers and to explore an innovative solution that reduces carbon emissions without compromising face-to-face meetings or attendee experience.

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How a law firm saved over $100,000 in costs


Discover how TROOP helped one of the world's largest law firms identify substantial savings in CO2, cost, and travel time by finding an alternative destination for their 2023 EMEA leadership meeting of nearly 500 employees from over 30 locations.

Small Meetings, Big Expense:
Why Procurement Needs a New Approach


New ways of working require new ways of thinking. Here are four lessons in how to think differently about meetings in order to realize big savings in 2023 and beyond.  

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Set your meeting up for success with inspired, informed choices


Access the information and inspiration you need to choose the right location, venues, and activities for your meeting. 

Identify locations with TROOP's AI-Powered Destination Recommendations and compare cost estimates, travel time, projected CO2, and more.

Access local expertise with the new TROOP Local network to build out every detail of the agenda and craft memorable experiences.

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Keep track of all the details, all in one centralized location


Attendee lists. Special requests. Ground transportation. Coordinating all the meeting details can feel overwhelming.

Fear not! TROOP ONE gathers all that information in one place. You can send meeting invitations, track RSVPs, and even share booking itineraries directly with travelers.

No more sifting through multiple emails or spreadsheets to find out who arrives when. See important information at a glance with the Attendee Dashboard, including flight details, visa requirements, and early departures.

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track expenses
Build out accurate budgets and track meeting expenses


With increased travel costs and constrained budgets, meeting planners are under pressure to keep spending on track.

TROOP ONE helps planners find budget-friendly meeting locations with detailed cost comparisons and develop accurate budget estimates with live flight and hotel data. 

Planners can also issue virtual cards to track all meeting-related expenses, including traveler costs, in real time for easy accounting and analysis.