The Hidden Costs of Meetings: Why Procurement Needs a New Approach

Download this paper to explore the modern meetings environment, the issues with traditional meetings management approaches, and learn how altering meetings strategies can save serious money.

To confront the challenges of today’s meetings landscape and realize significant savings, procurement leaders need to let go of the old ideas and think differently about how to approach meetings.

These are some of the learnings presented in the white paper:

  • attempts to cut meeting costs come too late in the process
  • destination decisions are often based on assumptions
  • learn to reverse the planning decision making process
  • make it possible to analyze total costs
  • allow anyone to plan (and cut meetings costs)

Meeting planning made easy for everyone.

TROOP efficiently reduces the time you spend planning when and where to meet by using real-time data to determine the most sustainable destinations, flights, and accommodations for your next meeting or event.

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Meeting planning made easy for everyone.

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